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Business Courses

This is an ideal for an accounting career.The course provides students with knowledge and skills for those who wish to obtain a qualification as specialized middle-level accountants who are better known as accounting technicians. It contains two levels:

Introduction to accounting, business studies, Business Statistics, business administration, Elements of Law.

Financial accounting,auditing,cost accounting & Budgeting,elements of taxation,Information Technology(EDP).

This course comprises of three parts:

Section I-economics, finance accounting I , Law I Section II-Auditing, cost accounting, taxation I

Section 3: Business finance, financial accounting II, system Theory and Management Information systems. section 4: Law II, financial accounting III, quantitive techniques

Section 5: Principal and practice of management(PPM), management accounting(MA), Taxation II section 6: financial management, financial accounting IV, Auditing, and investigations.

The main subjects include; Culinary Theory, hotel and Catering law, food knowledge and nutrition.Health and safety, customer care, food and beverage management, food cost control.Upon successful completion of the course, the student is awarded a diploma in food production from I.C.M (UK)

The main subjects include; Personal grooming, Hygiene, and conduct, food and beverage orders, breakfast, lunch and dinner services, customer treatment, dining room safety, telephone techniques, service and beverages, table set ups, hotel, and catering law.

The subjects include Housekeeping management and techniques, front office operations, business ethics and customer care, hotel and accommodation law plus a language.Upon completion of the course, one will be awarded a diploma in housekeeping and management and accommodation studies from I.C.M (UK).

The subjects include; Advertising, Marketing, Public relations, Selling and management among others. The final award by the center is an International diploma in sales and Marketing given by the Institute of commercial management(I.C.M) – London UK)to which Pago is affiliated. ICM exams are recognized in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America and other parts of the globe.

ABE is a UK based examination. The objective of the association is the promotion and advancement of efficient administration and management in industry commerce and in the public service.