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It’s a comprehensive course that combines multi-sectional techniques in understanding and tackling ever emerging challenges that face community-based projects of varying sizes.

The course comprises of seven-course units that are well researched and developed to cover all aspects and competencies of managing the project sequence, people, and funds from the time of project design to successful completion.

The course takes six months of intensive training and is suitable for persons with a sound background in community-based projects whose day to day responsibilities presently in the near future in details managing total projects of varying complexities.

Course Outline

Management Diploma Level III

To equip the student with essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills to design, coordinate, direct and control the project sequence, talents, and skills of people, information and funds from inception to successful completion of local projects of various sizes and complexions.

By the end of this course, the student shall be able to operationalize, plan, implement and control the project sequences and the results on time and within the budget.