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These include but shall not be limited to reservation, ticketing, minimum connections, route network, baggage, flight check-in, hotel bookings, car hire arrangements, unaccompanied minors ( children traveling alone), group travel.

Our experienced travel consultants are trained to advise clients on the most cost-effective schedules and fares.

This will be determined by the following factors: – organizing rules and regulations traveler’s special requirements.

Convenient departure and arrival times, easy transfer connections, special fares and their restrictions, reliability, and quality of the airlines, stop over packages and other benefits offered by airlines and hotels. Whenever possible alternatives itineraries will be given to travelers for consideration.

We enjoy cordial relation with embassies and consulate offices based in Nairobi. We provide the above services based on the following conditions.
– Service requests are associated with international itinerary and ticket booked through us.
– Service requests are made within normal time limits.

Our travel counselor will be automatically alerted through C.R.S system if travel destinations are particularly sensitive health area. The traveler will then be informed of the requirement and advised on the necessary precaution to be taken prior to departure. Travelers will be advised on Airport closures, flight cancellation, and delays, natural calamities,

industry related crisis, inclement weather and natural disasters and will examine with the traveler, all re-routing alternatives, and options.
Lost ticket/luggage assistance upon notification Pago Airways Travel Services Ltd Counselor will assist the traveler in filing the appropriate Airline forms.

We are ready to handle all irregularities or emergencies that may occur. Our management staff and travel consultants are on telephone standby to provide work-related assistance after normal working hours on weekends and holidays.
Duty rosters are prepared on monthly basis.

Our office hours are from 8.00 am Monday to Friday and from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm on Saturdays.

Our tours department can handle any size of our tour whether domestic or international; in addition we also provide leisure facilities through our established vendor relation with numerous leisure supplies. We also co-ordinate seminars and conferences. Services provided includes:-
– Assistant with site selection
– Inspection and program development
– Negotiation of discount rates for airlines, hotels and car hire rental services.
– Creation of spouse programs
– On-site support includes: Hospitality desk, food, beverage and audio visual requirement.

The travel industry has a greater promotion of staff than most industries in contact with the customer, therefore organization development, training, and motivation of all levels of staff is a critical factor to the company.
An important feature of our commitment to providing quality and consistent services is a caliber of our personnel under the direction of executive director Mr. Joseph Muhingo, a former Principal Skyways Travel Services with over 15 years in Airline industry.
All our staffs are qualified with proven professional records. Our in – training program offers opportunity for self-improvement and advancement, alongside tailor-made refresher courses are
administered through reputable training institutes such as Pago Airways Travel Services Ltd, and Utalii college and IATA programmes.